So, as you may, or may not know, I have been using the Huawei Honor 7 as my daily driver for a while now and it is simply brilliant! Yes, it isn’t perfect, but for the price I’m not complaining.

Starting with the specs of the Honor 7, the display is a 5.2″ 1080p display which looks stunning. It is bright enough for day usage and dark enough that it doesn’t hurt your eyes when using it at night. There is 3g of ram, which keeps the phone running speedy enough and the super fast HiSilicon Kirin 935, which can get a bit hot when under alot of stress. The 3100mAh battery lasts a day under moderate to heavy usage (watching a few videos on YouTube, scrolling through Facebook, some internet browsing). Lastly there is the 20mp, super sharp camera that performs over what you would expect from the price of the Honor 7. There are some slight drawbacks to the camera though, when shooting in the 20mp mode the camera is reduced to a square rather than full height. This means that you have to lower the resolution to 15mp to get a full sized shot, which still isn’t bad.

The Honor 7 has some very unique features, some of which I haven’t seen on any other phone. One of these features is a programmable button. There are three settings for the button, a single press, double press and a long press. You can set these stages of the button to open any of your apps, or set system settings, such as take a screenshot. Another great feature of the Honor 7 is the lightning fast finger print sensor. You can have up to five set fingerprints to unlock your device. The fingerprint sensor can also be used to turn off alarms, answer/reject calls, open the notification panel and open multitasking. There is also the dual sim card slot, which is great if travelling, or just want better service. Plus, if you are stuck for storage one of the sim card slots doubles up as a micro SD slot, which are now becoming a rarity in modern smart phones.

The Honor 7 comes with Android 5.0 lollipop, although as of February 2016 Huawei are starting to roll out Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Honor 7 devices around the world. Android Marshmallow comes with great features such as the new Now-on-Tap.

The 7 has an all metal build with the power button and volume rocker on the right of the phone, the programmable smart button and the sim card slot on the left. On the top you have the 3.5mm audio jack port, IR blaster and microphone. The bottom has the micro USB charging port, a speaker and another microphone. The metal body is great, but it feels thin, and the Honor logo extrudes slightly. I think that was poor design by the Honor design team, as it feels almost sharp to touch and wouldn’t have been much to make it level with the back of the phone. Although, for £210, I can’t complain that much!

In conclusion, I think that the Huawei Honor 7 is a great budget phone (that performs like a high end £600+ phone) that I find hard to fault, has lots of great features and runs the latest Android operating system. I would recommend the Honor 7 to anyone who is searching for an exceptional phone with exceptional specs and an even more exceptional price.

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