I wrote about my Pine64 in my Initial Thoughts article and, as you could probably tell, I was a big fan. With that said, setting it up was not without its problems. I am here to share them with you so your experience can be flawless.

First off, I found so many tutorials for how to write the SD card for RemixOS. Some said that a program called Phoenix Card had to be used, however it gave me an error that would not let me use the RemixOS image file. If you are able to use Phoenix Card, that would be recommended but I found that Win32DiskImager worked perfectly fine and wrote the image to the SD card without any errors.

My second issue was that I couldn’t get anything to display on my TV with HDMI plugged in. It is probably just my TV, as it is old, but it won’t display the Pine64’s screen or my Raspberry Pi’s. If you have an old TV you may have the same issue as me. Try using any other TV’s you may have in the house. Luckily I have a PC monitor that has HDMI, so I used that without any issues.

Something that also caught me out was the power supply I was using. It was a portable phone charger, so was only rated for 1 amp. This is not enough for the Pine64, so it wouldn’t boot. Make sure your power supply is rated at 5 volts and 2 amps.

Other issues that you may run into are:

The Pine64 not booting for the first time.
– Give the Pine64 at least five minutes on first boot. Also, make sure the Ethernet cable is not plugged in.

I will add more here if you run into any and let me know of them in the comments.

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