4Chan trolls have found yet another glitch in YouTube, “two unsubs for the price of one” as YouTube themselves put it. Posting the issue in the /pol/ board, one anonymous user asked the 4Chan community “Who deserves it?”

Team YouTube were very relaxed about the whole issue saying, “Yikes!” we messed it up! That might have been because they realised that no data was lost and more importantly no subscribers had been lost. Explaining to many users, Team YouTube wrote this: “No actual subscribers are lost, it’s only the count that is incorrect at the moment. We’re working to fix the numbers!”

This was unknown to some content creators however, who may have started to panic when they found that they were rapidly loosing subs.

As is usual though, the internet managed to see the funny side of the situation…

YouTube has been in the limelight recently over how much creators earn on advertising revenue and mysterious drops in subscriber counts, similar to this issue, have lingered over the platform. Maybe this will be the turning point where YouTube take a good look at what is failing in the system and rectify what they can. I doubt that will happen though.

Perhaps the most worrying fact is how easy it was to perform this glitch. All it took was to subscribe and unsubscribe to a channel multiple times for a massive amount of unsubscribe’s to appear.

Thankfully this was not a major issue, and it has now been rectified by the YT team. Hopefully it won’t happen again.


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