Cielo Wigle is the new smart home company with the aim to reduce your electricity bill.

What makes Cielo different from the competitors is that they have all the key elements of a smart home in one brand, meaning they can all be controlled through one system. Philips Hue lights are amazing, and also has an app. WeMo is a great remote plug system, although it can’t be controlled though the same app or system as the Hue. Cielo brings all of these technologies under one roof making the smart home more convenient, easy to use and genuinely useful.

There are four products in the Cielo brand at the minute: Breez, Breezi, Econi and Lumi.

Breez: Smart Controller for Ductless Heat pumps and Air-conditioners is a state-of-the-art smart device which enables you to control and monitor the consumption of your Heat pump/Air-Conditioner from anywhere in the world. It has a personalised display for you to add your favourite pictures that can increase to your home decor.

Breezi: The Add-on Smart Controller for Ductless Heat Pumps & Air-Conditioners enables you to control and monitor the consumption of you Heat pump/Air-Conditioner from anywhere in the world. It is designed for manufacturers and distributors and ideal for large scale deployment.

Econi:  Smart Outlet-Econi, comes with Energy Measurement Capabilities and Saving goals which gives complete usage information about your appliances to make you aware about your consumption patterns and save accordingly. It comes in two models, the type-e for American plugs and type-g for UK plugs.

Lumi: Smart LED Light Bulb-Lumi, gives you control over your lights from anywhere and you can turn On/Off your lights at your home/office anytime you want. You can set Schedules to achieve your saving goals and  play with millions of exciting new colours from your smart phone according to your mood.

A major selling point of Cielo products is that they are cheaper and/or the same price as major companies in the market. For example the Limi light bulb costs $39.99 and uses your home WiFi to connect to your phone, a Philips Hue bulb costs $49.99 and requires a hub to connect. Furthermore, the specs on paper show the Lumi as the front-runner. Here are a comparison of the specs:

Back in December of 2014 Cielo WiGle launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to launch their company. This was unfortunately not successful and was not funded. Perhaps it was a good thing as they now have a clearer logo which represents their brand much better. Products have now been redesigned, rethought and renamed. Cielo’s product range has also been through a new design phase to reinvent the products so they will be more appealing to consumers.

Just over two years later and Cielo have launched their company and are selling device in six countries. They have recently redesigned their website and products can be bought from there.

I would like to see Cielo integrate their products with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and other voice controlled systems in the future. If these were to be implemented Cielo Wigle could be one of the greatest smart home systems to date.

I have not tested these devices, but would like to get the chance to so I can do a full review.


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