The new Android 7 Nougat update is starting to roll out to more and more phones. Here is what the Easter Egg is and how to access it.

If you are lucky enough to have the latest version of Android you will be wondering what the new Easter Egg is, well think Pokemon Go without having to walk anywhere.

The last two versions of Android have had very basic versions of popular games as the Easter Egg, Android 6.0 has Flappy Droid (Flappy Bird) and now Android 7.0 has what we are calling Cat Collector (Pokemon Go). Could this mean that the next Easter Egg in Version 8.0 will be Droid Run (Super Mario Run) as it is sure to be one of the biggest games of the year when it releases on Android ‘soon’.

What is this Cat Collector then? It is essentially a Pokemon Go style game without any of the Pokemon features, you just lay down food and cats randomly appear. There are 999 cats to collect, we think. We can’t give a definitive answer as the numbers we have collected range from 103-982. You have different colour cats however we aren’t yet sure if some are more common than others. Is there any point in it, no but Android Easter Eggs aren’t meant to.

How do I start Cat Collecting then Harvey?

  1. If you follow my guide on how to check your Android Version and come back here afterwards.
  2. Tap on the Android version a few times in quick succession until you get the N logo.
  3. Tap on the N logo a few more times again in quick succession.
  4. Now hold the N logo and at the bottom of the screen you should see a tiny cat face.
  5. Swipe down from the top of your screen to get to your Quick Settings.
  6. Edit the Quick Settings and you should see a Dish icon. Drag this into your Quick Settings Drawer.
  7. Save the changes that have just been made and swipe down again.
  8. Click on the Dish, you will now get a choice of four options: Bits, Fish, Chicken and Treat.
  9. Select one and wait for the cats to come.

One you have collected a cat you will need to refill the dish by going through steps 7-9 again.

Share your cats with us below!


  1. I just ran the update on my phone….now I put treats out and they disappear, but no cats are showing up???? Did I lose all my cats and my ability to collect more with this update? I am pretty sure it is an “Oreo” update


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