In the Keynote for I/O 17 Google announced that the Assistant is coming to the iPhone, but is it the Siri killer?

The experience when using Assistant isn’t quite as smooth as Siri, for example the Assistant app has to be open for the “OK, Google” hotword to activate whereas “Hey, Siri” works from any screen.

Fortunately, once you have Assistant open it’s core functionality is similar to Siri’s. Both can search the internet, send messages, call people and integrate with services such as Philips Hue. There are subtle differences in the way that Assistant works in comparison to Siri though. When sending a message through Assistant on an iPhone you can dictate your message to it, however you will have to click on the send button. Siri will sent the message automatically.

If you like to ask your phone questions then I would definitely recommend Assistant over Siri. This is because Assistant remembers what you have been talking about. As an example you could ask Assistant “Who is the President of the United States?” and you would get the answer of Donald Trump. You could follow up on your last question with, “How old is he?” Assistant remembers that it just gave you the answer of Trump and will give you the answer of 70.

If you are using Google services on your iPhone then Assistant may be a great option for you as it integrates with Gmail and Google Maps to give you travel time.

So, is Assistant the Siri killer? I don’t think that there is a definitive answer to this question as it ultimately boils down to what you use your voice assistant for. Personally the sacrifice of having to open an app before speaking is okay because of the functionality and search tools that Assistant provides over Siri.

Let me know in the comments below if you are using Assistant on your iPhone or if you are a die-hard Siri fan.


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