Grand Theft Auto 5, one of Rockstar Games’ biggest achievements came out in September 2013, nearly four years ago. While Rockstar continues to produce content such as Red Dead Redemption 2, they leave the classics behind to die off. CitizenFX set out to change this. They created what is now known as FiveM, an open source dual-purpose (SP/MP) modification framework for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

The gaming community Evol PC Gaming set out to create a unique roleplay experience; thus State of Emergency was born. Since the start of SEO in January of 2017, it has become the home to many large Twitch streamers such as Lirik, GiantWaffle, Timmac, ClassyPax, and PmsProxy. Although most large streamers joined the SEO family, several SEO members were brought to fame, most notable being SheriffEli. SheriffEli plays the character Eli Thompson who is famous for sending people “straight up to state prison on a fucking bullet.” From the start everyone wanted SheriffEli to start streaming, and to everyone’s surprise, he did with the help of the SEO family. PmsProxy held the “Eli’s Streaming Fundraiser” stream which raised nearly 16,000 USD to help Eli get started in the Twitch community.

Within days Eli’s Twitch account gained over 33,000 followers and at this time of writing this is now up to 127,000.

SheriffEli’s Twitch Account Followers/Views Graph

State of Emergency not only brings life to a what would be a dying game but also brings life to Twitch personalities. For example, GiantWaffle took two days of his personal time to create a rap of his character Dante Dankweed’s story so far.

Without Evol PC Gaming and the SEO family, this bond between Twitch streamers might not exist in the manner it does today. Whether you play or watch SEO, you’re a part of this growing community.

If you wish to support Evol PC Gaming, you can do so here.



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